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Is smartphone use beginning to decline?

Is smartphone usage beginning to decline? According to Wired.com there are many reasons why the market has settled, but the biggest is this: everyone who wants a smartphone has one, and the phones they’re buying are so good that they don’t need to upgrade as often. As a nation and a world, we are now […]

A closer look at the iPhone X

“Say hello to the future.” Apple’s slogan for its newest mega-smartphone device, the iPhone X, is far from original or catchy, yet it seems to capture a profound point in few words: the iPhone X (pronounced “ten,” contrary to semi-popular belief) touts itself as the “future” of the smartphone market — the biggest push against […]

Future implications of the smartphone app market (Pt. 1)

It is no secret that smartphones have embedded themselves in multiple aspects of our daily lives — from travel navigation to mindless animal video entertainment, and everything in between. Many of these offerings are accessed via mobile apps, which typically act as housing units for a specific service or function. These apps have become just […]

How the smartphone killed the iPod

  Back in July, Apple announced that it would be ending production of the iPod nano and shuffle, “ending an era” in mobile music entertainment and leaving just the iPod touch as its only continued remnant. There are several factors that could be taken into consideration when pondering the death of this longstanding iconic device, […]

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