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Is smartphone use beginning to decline?

Is smartphone usage beginning to decline? According to Wired.com there are many reasons why the market has settled, but the biggest is this: everyone who wants a smartphone has one, and the phones they’re buying are so good that they don’t need to upgrade as often. As a nation and a world, we are now […]

Faces and fingerprints: impending changes to smartphone security

It has long been commonplace in science fiction and futuristic fantasy, but facial recognition and fingerprint scanning have quickly become a tangible reality in modern technology. Recently, I discussed how this technology has been used as a major focal point for Apple’s newest device, the iPhone X, and this feature alone has caused a rift […]

A closer look at the iPhone X

“Say hello to the future.” Apple’s slogan for its newest mega-smartphone device, the iPhone X, is far from original or catchy, yet it seems to capture a profound point in few words: the iPhone X (pronounced “ten,” contrary to semi-popular belief) touts itself as the “future” of the smartphone market — the biggest push against […]

Future implications of the smartphone app market (Pt. 2)

It is no secret that smartphones have embedded themselves in many aspects of our daily lives — from travel navigation to mindless animal video entertainment. Many of these offerings are accessed via mobile apps, which typically act as housing units for a specific service or function. These apps have become incredibly prevalent, standing as household […]

Established telecom stocks – 2017

The end of the year is closing in quicker than many are currently aware, and soon 2018 will presumably give way to its own set of breakthroughs, implications, and rising names within the telecommunications industry. However, with a little less than four months left in 2017, there are still a variety of promising telecom names […]

The potential challenges of moving to 5G

The fifth generation of mobile telecommunications technology (5G) is growing closer to becoming a commercial reality. As industry leaders continue to adapt to the increasing demands and expectations of mobile device users, their collective perception of 5G has continued to grow, resulting in a fledgling idea of which innovations will result in the best user […]

Why the Network Pie is Best Served in Slices

Why the Network Pie Is Best Served In Slices

We’ve already talked about what 5G will look like — the consensus is that we’re not exactly sure, but it’s going to be great. Here’s one thing we can all agree on, however: It’s going to be all about network slicing.

Vish Nandlall: Strap In! 5G is Ushering in a New Era of Tech

Strap In! 5G is Ushering in a New Era of Tech

By now, we’re used to anticipating the next big thing. No matter what the problem is, it’s become second nature to whip out our smart phones. 4G networks introduced us to connectivity on a huge scale, allowing us to check our email, monitor our banking, order new shoes, or call an uber from virtually anywhere at any time. So what’s next?

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