The end of the year is closing in quicker than many are currently aware, and soon 2018 will presumably give way to its own set of breakthroughs, implications, and rising names within the telecommunications industry. However, with a little less than four months left in 2017, there are still a variety of promising telecom names to keep an eye on — especially with regards to the stock market.

If you are thinking of making a late-year investment in telecom stock, here are a few top names to keep an eye on.



One of the biggest names in telecom, Verizon continues to exhibit dominance as a promising investment outlet. The company’s 2017 stock has remained strong thanks to its nearly 35 percent control of the entire telecom market. With this much influence at its disposal, you can rest assured that your invested funds will be in stable hands — the company “pays out a hefty 4.75% dividend” and has “raised its quarterly dividend every year for the past decade.”



CenturyLink’s stocks may not hold the undeniable dominance of a Verizon or AT&T, but the company’s investment benefits still mostly outweigh its risks. A unique characteristic for investors is the stock’s merging of cheap trading and large growth potential — two factors that do not commonly go hand-in-hand. With these notions in mind, the stock currently exhibits a fair amount of promise in terms of its future outlook.



TDS Telecom tends to fly slightly under the radar as far as household names in the stock market (it serves a modest 5 million subscribers in 23 states), but its investment potential should not be overlooked. Like CenturyLink, this stock is continuing to grow and maximize its potential as a dominating future presence. A big strength of this stock is its emphasis on smaller, more rural areas that may have been overlooked by its well-known contemporaries. Pair this widespread customer focus with the stock’s stable sales and profit numbers and you are left with a small, but strong investment option.  


Like Verizon, AT&T is a very familiar name in the telecom world, and naturally its stock implications reflect its success as an established business entity. At this point, AT&T is all but immortal in terms of its stock dominance. In fact, the company “managed to increase its dividend every single year for the last 31 years.” This track record does not need much justification — this is a very stable and safe stock investment for years to come.